Solar Thermal Installers

Solar is one of the greenest energy sources available. Infinitely renewable, the technology has been around for years. If you are looking for an experienced installer to fit a solar thermal system in Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex, or East Sussex we are available to help.

What is solar thermal?

Solar thermal is a very efficient way to provide hot water for the home. Harnessing the power of the sun, hot water is created very cheaply. Panels are fitted to the roof or other outside areas of the home where it can catch the most hours of sunshine.

In the summer, the solar thermal panel will probably provide all the hot water you need, in the winter it will partially help and reduce your reliance on other heating methods. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to installing solar thermal panels, ask us to provide a quote for supplying and fitting a system.

Are solar thermal and solar panels the same?

No these are not the same although both use the sun as a source of energy. Solar thermal is the production of hot water and these panels take up a lot less space. Solar panels or PV panels are producing electricity to be used inside the home.

Solar thermal refracts the sunlight through the panel, this, in turn, heats a fluid that contains anti-freeze and this fluid is directed to a cylinder. The liquid that is heated on the roof is not the water that comes out of the taps.

Is solar thermal cheap to run?

Once the solar thermal panel is installed, there is almost no cost to run them. It is quite simple technology with few moving parts. When there is little sunshine, heating the water will need to be done through an alternative system, so in winter the costs for hot water will increase.

There are some government incentives out there to help with the cost of installation but you will need to check if you qualify.

Is solar thermal cheap to run?

When it comes to the price of having a solar thermal system installed, there are several factors to include. The size of the property and demand for hot water will affect the price as more pipework will be required.

The ease of accessing the roof is another factor that will affect installation. To get an accurate quote for fitting a solar thermal system, contact us for a visit to your property. We can let you know the costs and how long it will take when we have a better idea of your requirements.