Heat Pumps Fitted

A ground-source heat pump is an environmentally friendly way to warm your home. With the ban on gas boilers looming closer, many people are starting to think about alternatives.

The team here at Installer Guru has fitted many ground-source heat pumps and we can supply and fit these systems in West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire, and Surrey. For a quote with no obligation, contact us to arrange an appointment.

What is a ground-source heat pump?

Ground-source heat pumps are an alternative way to heat a building. The pumps work by using the natural heat from underground to warm property. Although the weather fluctuates in the UK, the temperature a few meters underground remains at around 11 degrees. It’s this warmth that is utilised to heat homes – a stable and renewable source. It’s a green way to heat property and the technology has been around for many years.

When a ground-source heat pump system is installed, lengths of piping are buried in the ground a couple of meters deep. The liquid in the pipes absorbs the natural heat underground and this is used to heat the home.

Does ground-source heat pump work in every home?

These systems are not suitable for every building, if you want to know if your home is right, we have engineers available who can discuss this with you.

For homes that aren’t on mains gas, ground-source heat pumps are a good heating option to explore. There is no need to purchase or store oil or LPG gas as the supply of fuel never ends. However, there does need to be sufficient space for the network of pipes to be buried on your land. This land will need to be excavated. Ask us for a site visit and we will be able to advise you about having a ground-source heat pump system installed at your property.

Alternative energy heating

Ground-source heat pumps are one way to have a greener heating system and there are Government grants and subsidies that could help pay for the initial installation. Not every property has the land or is suitable for this type of heating, but there are others to consider. Air-source heat pumps or biomass boilers might be ideal for your household, each type of heating has pros and cons that need to be looked at.

To understand what can be installed in your home, contact our team and we can visit your property. Our qualified and experienced engineers can discuss the options available and provide a quote for the work required.