Underfloor heating is a modern must-have home improvement. If you want underfloor heating installed in West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex, and Surrey, ask us to provide a quote.

Our engineers are available to fit wet underfloor heating – a system that uses water heated by a boiler. We are experienced at installing underfloor heating and can offer advice if you have questions about the heating style.

Is underfloor heating good?

The heat that radiates up from the floor feels luxurious. It also helps to make you feel warmer at lower temperatures. Underfloor heating helps to create a minimalist style – that’s because radiators are not required. Without radiators taking up space on one or more walls, it frees up space too. You are not limited to where the furniture can go.

Underfloor heating enables you to go around barefoot all year round. Stepping out of the shower onto heated floors is a real treat, especially in winter. Trust us to install underfloor heating the right way – call us to arrange a visit and a quote.

Do I need a professional to fit underfloor heating?

There is more than one type of underfloor heating. If you want a wet system installed is must be fitted by a Gas Safe Registered plumber. Our engineers have the correct credentials to put in an underfloor heating system in your area so trust us to do the best job.

The Installer Gurus team install underfloor heating by laying a series of pipes under the flooring material. The pipes are linked to the boiler. After the water is heated by the boiler, it passes through these pipes and warms the floor. As the floor is a large surface area, it heats the room very efficiently.

What rooms can have underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating can be used in most rooms in the house. Commonly it’s used in the bathroom – stepping onto a warm tiled floor feels great. Underfloor heating can also be used in the hallway, living room, kitchen, and bedrooms – the only thing to consider is the flooring chosen for the room. Underfloor heating cannot be used with all flooring – carpets do not allow the heat to escape so carpeting cannot be used over the system. The best type of flooring is tile or stone because heat easily spreads through this material.

Underfloor heating is best installed when the flooring is being replaced or you have an extension built. That is because the floor must be removed to lay the system. If you think you want underfloor heating fitted, contact us and we can visit your home and offer some advice. Our quotes are transparent and include all the costs. We are sure you won’t find our quality of workmanship cheaper anywhere else.