Gas Safety Certificates West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex, and Surrey

Legally, Gas Safety Certificates can only be issued by a qualified engineer who is Gas Safe registered. We are accredited to complete Gas Safety Inspections and provide the written report and certification required.

Gas Safety Certificates are also known as CP12 Reports and Landlord Certificates – but whatever you call them, our team can give you what you need. Get in touch with us to arrange an inspection at your convenience.

Who needs a Gas Safety Certificate?

The most common reason for needing a CP12 is if you are a landlord. It is a legal requirement for any let property with a gas supply to have an annual inspection. Every gas-fired appliance is subject to inspection and if everything passes the checks, a certificate of safety is issued. Any recommendations for improvements or matters of concern are marked on the report too. Landlords are responsible for the inspection, and they must give their tenants a copy of the certificate.

It doesn’t matter what type of property you rent out – large or small, permanent or temporary, if you have a tenant you have a responsibility to prove the gas supply is safe to use.

Our team is here to complete Gas Safety inspections, reports, and certificates in the West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex, and Surrey areas. What do we look for? The main thing we focus on is safety. We check that there are no leaks or unventilated appliances. We also make sure that the gas hob, oven, fire, or boiler is located in an appropriate position. Our opinion about the make, age, or style of the appliance isn’t part of the inspection – we are simply checking everything for safety.

Landlord Gas Services

For landlords, we are available to give you Gas Safety Certificates once a year so you remain compliant with current regulations. We can also service the boiler in your rented properties at the same time to reduce the number of times your tenants are interrupted.

If any appliance is considered unsafe, it must not be used. This is to protect the tenant and your property. If you want us to complete the remedial work required to rectify the problem, we will leave you with a quote.