Book Your Boiler Servicing With Us

At Installer Gurus, we put safety first. That’s why we recommend that you get your boiler serviced every year. An annual service carried out by a competent and professional engineer will ensure that you and your home are protected.

The engineers at Installer Gurus are Gas Safe registered and trained to accurately complete services on all boilers and heating systems. Call us to book a service for your boiler – we are qualified and ready to work in all brands, models and types.

Does my boiler need a service?

Once your boiler has been installed for a year, you should book a service. Most manufacturers require that you have a service every 12 months to keep the guarantee valid. Continue every year to have a service so you know your boiler is kept in the best condition. A service extends the life of your boiler because it is kept working efficiently. Any faults are picked up early before they cause an issue.

A service is a close inspection of a boiler and flue. Safety is the number one focus – checking for toxic gas escaping or for parts that have corroded is the first thing our team looks for. We remove the cover to have a careful look at the internal parts and clean some components as well.

With a service every year you know that your boiler is working efficiently. If our team spots any faults, then we can plan a repair with you before the boiler breaks down.

Make sure your boiler is safe and efficient

Get in touch with our team and book an appointment for service. As well as checking all the components to make sure your boiler is working safely, servicing means that it is operating efficiently.

The more efficient your system is, the cheaper it is to run. Boilers are complicated with lots of parts – get in the professionals to inspect and assess how your system is running.

Need a boiler service in West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex, and Surrey?

Our team is available to book a boiler service when it’s convenient for you. It usually takes us around an hour to complete the service so we won’t be with you for long.

Customer service is at the heart of our operation – we are friendly and make sure we clean up after ourselves. The price for a boiler service with us is competitive so there’s no need to shop around.