When your boiler breaks down and you need someone to look at it quickly, call us at Installer Gurus. With many years of experience behind us, it doesn’t take us long to diagnose the problems with a faulty boiler.

Usually, we repair your boiler the same day using quality parts to ensure that the repair lasts.

Our rates for boiler repairs are kept low and we are happy to give you a quote before we start to work on the repair.

Call us to repair your boiler

Boilers stop working at the most inconvenient time – it’s always when the weather is cold or we urgently need hot water that things go wrong. It’s not easy to manage for long without heating, so don’t delay when your boiler goes on the blink – get in touch with us so we can take a look at it for you.

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered and qualified to fix most models and types of boiler. We are available in West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex, and Surrey and can get to you quickly when you need us. In most cases, we can get your boiler running properly on the same day so you don’t have to go long without it.

Emergency call-out for boilers

If you want a trusted Gas Safety engineer in an emergency, we provide an emergency boiler service. When you think your boiler is dangerous, or leaking gas and you cannot wait get in contact and let us know. We can have an engineer with you as soon as possible to help.

We can shut down the boiler immediately if this is required and then discuss what is needed to put things right.

The sort of problems we encounter:

  • Leaking boiler
  • Low pressure
  • Faulty boiler controls
  • No pilot light
  • Complete boiler failure

Why do boilers break down?

Boilers are used every day in most households. The continuous use can mean some parts wear out and need replacing. We know what to look for when there’s no heating or hot water we analyse the system and resolve the issues quickly.

Boilers are quite complex pieces of equipment, and like all complicated machinery, they will stop working occasionally. That’s when you need a local company that you can trust. We work quickly, letting you know what the problem is, how long the repair will take and what it will cost. Our team is tidy, always cleaning up before we leave. Get in touch with us when your boiler stops working.